Slow computer? Get our speedy and reliable on-site computer repair and technical support for your desktop, laptop, tablet, printer and network in your home or office.

Is your computer running slow? Have you been looking for a computer repair business or IT services near you? You are in the right place! Welcome to JAKS Computer Solutions. We are your comprehensive IT support experts. JAKS Computer Solutions provides professional IT support and computer services to your home or small business. From our in home computer repair, slow computer diagnostics and installation to network configuration and managed IT services, we aim to be your first and only contact.

Whether you are one user or a small business, our professionally trained and certified technicians will provide expert and unhurried service on your schedule.

Contact us today to speak with one of our technicians to learn what JAKS Computer Solutions can do for you.


Our certified and experienced technicians will get your desktop, laptop, tablet, printer or network up and running in no time. Whether it is an on-site visit to your home or office or our remote support, many issues can be fixed in less than 90 minutes. 

Your data is everything.  It is your life and your business.   We have come to rely on technology and when our computer goes down; our lives can come to a grinding halt.   Nothing is more frustrating when your computer suddenly stops responding or is running extremely slow and you can’t get your work done or connect to the internet. In today’s world it could mean anything from software issues to hardware failures not to mention viruses and other malware.  

JAKS Computer Solutions can help! Our on-site computer repair specialists have the technical knowledge and experience to troubleshoot what’s happening with your computer – or computer network – and they know how to fix it.  Call us today to see if a certified computer repair technician is near you.