on-site computer repair service

on-site computer repair service

Computer Repair Near Me


Computer Repair Near Me

The most common question were asked at JAKS Computer Solutions is,
Do you offer computer repair near me?
The answer is, Of course we do!” JAKS Computer Solutions is not a run of the mill

IT businesses

who have you ship your computer, send it to the other side of the world to be fixed and then it’s dropped off at your door weeks later. We don’t do things that way. Having to get your

computer fixed

is stressful enough as it is. Our goal at

JAKS Computer Solutions

is to make the process as easy as possible for you, by working with a

local computer company

you can trust. If you want a fast and efficient

local service

, we are your


. All you need to do is call us at


or fill out our contact form.
Why should I give my business to a

local computer shop

There are three big reasons staying


makes all the difference.
1. You’ll get your

computer fixed faster

Getting your computer shipped somewhere far away for


takes time. Even if you fork out significant money for the


possible shipping, you’re going to be looking at days if not weeks added to the total time you’re without your


. This may be all fine and dandy if you have

several computers

or if you don’t mind waiting, but for busy people, this extra wait is a serious inconvenience. There’s also a huge risk of damages with shipping. The further you have to ship


, the greater the risk it’ll be damaged in transit. What’s the point of going through all that? When you use


, your precious computer stays nearby, it gets back to you


so you can get back to your life faster.
2. We can

come to your home

You read that right. We’ll actually do a

home call

, like a doctor, but a

computer doctor

instead. Sometimes dealing with a problem remotely is doable, but it’s easier to


in person. It’s time-consuming and frustrating having to walk through your problem over the phone. All of the frustration is avoided when a courteous


arrives at your doorstep, ready and able to

solve the problem.

3. Local

Certified Technicians

Getting a local


to help is a cool thing to do. Working with a nearby

computer guy

supports your


and community and sets up a relationship with a tech professional who can continue to help keep your home or

office technology

in top notch shape. You might even bump into your new friend at your local coffee shop!
We are extremely knowledgeable
We have been in the

IT industry

and have been

fixing computers

for many years. We are all CompTIA certified and are an established company with dedicated people who have a passion for


Our prices are competitive and we offer

flat rate pricing

Our service fees are extremely competitive. More importantly, though, we believe a big part of our


is to help you learn how to keep your computer running problem free. We encourage you to watch what we do. We’re always here to help but we also try to make sure you have the resources you need to fix your

tech challenges

without us. We like to educate our customers and like to help them get the most out of their computers and other technology.
Are you ready to meet a friendly tech?

computer repair near you

, call us at 609.582.0253 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you within 4 hours.
JAKS Computer Solutions is located in Ocean City, NJ and services all of Cape May and Atlantic Counties.
Questions about

Computer Repair Near Me

How can you offer

home service


JAKS Computer Solutions

only offers

on-site computer service


Cape May county

and Atlantic county

. We believe in providing one on one

customer support

and pride ourselves on our

customer service




can you

fix my computer

It all depends. It could be 20 minutes or 4 days. The time will vary depending on the seriousness of the problem. We provide

fast turnaround

times but we want to make sure your

computer is fixed


on-site computer repair